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We'll Cross That Bridge
When We Go Under It

In the second book we venture from Cambrai back into Belgium and the Chantier Naval boatyard at Namur.

Then to Paris via the River Meuse, the Oise and Seine.

From Paris we follow the Marne to Epernay and Chalons en Champagne before returning to Landrecies for the Winter.

The following Spring we go south to Nancy and Toul before heading East on the Marne-Rhine canal to Strasbourg and thence to the mighty Rhine for a somewhat hairy two day passage to Mulhouse.

After that we travel the equally hairy River Doubs for our next wintering at St Symphorien.

The following year, after some expensive renewal work, we explore the central canals of France including the Nivernais before our next winter resting-place at Jo Parfitt's base in Laroche Migennes.

Our escapades include running aground, flooded bilges and a burglary, getting banned from driving, and held up for miles on end by obstinate bateliers.

I can tell your mouths are watering in anticipation

Come aboard - you're more than welcome - but take off your shoes first please.

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